First Squad On Parade

I have finished my first squad of Paras. There was a bit of trial and error with painting this squad, and a couple of things got repainted as I went. Overall I.m happy with the result. More to paint to get an entire army painted though.

I am building more terrain for my table at the moment, so the next update will probably be terrain. Then to finish painting the Tetrarch… and Paras…. and more terrain. 😀


Pimp My Tetrarch pt1

It’s been a while between updates. Have managed a couple more games and been overseas on holiday. 😀 So with another week before going back to work it’s time to get stuck into some more Bolt Action hobby.

First up, the mighty Tetrarch Light Tank.

I have bought the resin Warlord Games Tetrarch kit, which basically comes with 4 bits of resin (the main hull, turret and both track assemblies). This makes it a breeze to assemble, after washing down the resin. It also comes with several options for the main gun, 2pdr Anti Tank, 3″ Howitzer and 2pdr fitted with Littlejohn adaptor (giving the humble 2 pounder a greater punch!) It also has the co-axial MMG as well. That’s it, a nice simple kit, with good detail.

However, I wanted more. Time to pimp up the Tetrarch.

First up, and something I do with any tank, magnetize the turret with some rare earth magnets. These are tiny 2mm magnets, but are more than enough to hold the turret on firmly, whilst allowing for it to be turned during a game.

Magnet in base of hull.

Next up I added some tarps and rolled up stowage. These I also got from Warlord Games. Just clipped from the sprue and superglued onto the tank.

Stowage on the front and side of the hull.

I was looking around the interwebs for pictures of Tetrarchs in Northern France, and came across the following picture.

This one picture was the inspiration and basis for the rest of the additions I made. On the turret I added the 2 radio antennas, by using some thin round plastic rod. These are quite flexible, so shouldn’t snap if knocked during a game. I also added the separate spotlight off the right side of the turret. This appears on virtually all pictures of Tetrarchs I found. I had a spare from a Jeep that I wasn’t using, so drilled a small hole in the side of the turret and stuck it on there.

One of the little extras I loved in the above photo, is the Bren gun wedged behind the antenna, on the side of the turret. Luckily enough I had one on a sprue, and added that to the model as well.

The big thing that this Tetrarch and several others had fitted was the extra fuel tank on the back of it. This was prehaps the trickiest thing to add. In the end I used an old plastic tube that protects your paint brushes, as the main tank. To secure this onto the tank I got a couple of left over 2mm bits of mdf and drilled a hole through them to fit the tube. Then holding the mdf bits together with the hobby pliers, I sanded it back with the dremmel to make them look like brackets. When I was happy with the shape I glued it on the back of the tank.

Spotlight added to the turret.

Antenna and Bren Gun on the turret, plus fuel tank on the back.

Side shot of the pimped up Tetrarch.

I still need to fill in the ends of the fuel tank with a bit of green stuff, then it’s off to the paint shop for part 2.

First game done

So finally played my first 2 games of Bolt Action over the Easter long weekend. Good friend of mine Advanceop has been starting his German SS force the 9th Hohenstaufen. I took the British Para’s to try them out.

We played 2 games at 500 points whilst still learning the rules. It ended up at 1 win each and a lot of fun. Mistakes were made in rules, but we now know better and the learning curve has started.

The list I took was

1944 Market Garden List

1 x Second Lieutenant with 1 infantry

1 x 8 man Para squad with 2 SMG (1 on the NCO), 1 LMG and 5 Rifles

1 x 8 man Para squad with 2 SMG (1 on the NCO), 1 LMG and 5 Rifles

1 x Free Artillery Forward Observer

1 x Sniper Team

1 x British Airborne Recce Jeep

1 x British Airborne Recce Jeep

In the second game I swapped out the Sniper team for a MMG team.

Great fun to start my path in Bolt Action. 🙂 Enjoy the pictures

Over the hedge!

So in theming my tabletop terain to a North France, post D-Day style of setting, one of the things I was going to need is hedges and bocage. I will be doing up an article for bocage when I build it, but here is how I did my hedges. If there is an easier way to make hedges I’d be surprised.

So for those in Australia you want to head into your nearest Masters Hardware store. In there you want a door mat, that looks like this.

Welcome to the Hedgezone

Then quite simply turn it over, and using a sharp stanley knife cut it into strips about 2cm wide. I used an old floorboard to act as a guide for the blade. It is hard to cut through and will take several pass’s to cut all the way through. Don’t worry about them being even or exact, rough is good. I then cut these up into smaller length’s to suit the size of my roads. I brushed up the lengths with an old steel brush to get rid of the excess.

Be warned this is messy.

The end result. No painting or anything done to these hedges. Literally just cut up door mat.

I am thinking about dabbing a couple of different shades of green into it, just to break up the same green.

Tabletop for the Monsters

It’s been a while and tables have been built and first games played. 🙂

First up is the actual tabletops. I picked up a couple of 3′ x 4′ MDF boards. First up I painted them grey as good base coat.

Followed up with sponging some dark brown over the top.

After that I sponged a green over the top, and then brushed 2 layers of a satin varnish to seal it up and protect the playing surface.

I also cut out a load of roads witch will be textured up, for 3mm MDF.

Build It Up

I am about 75% done on painting my first squad of German Infantry. Today I decided to take a break from painting, and do some building. 🙂

So first up is some walls from 4 Ground. I have used some their products before and they are very nice. These walls give the simple stone look I was after, with a couple of gates as well. I also got the set that has removable parts of the walls as well. Nice easy start. I will be doing up the bases on these with some rubble and grass later, but the goal today was to get some stuff assmbled ready for our first game.

4 ground walls

Next I did the 3 demolished buildings from Sarissa.

First up was the small single storey detached house. This was the first time I have used any of the Sarissa products, and I have to say I am very impressed with them. It went together really easily. I have assembled and glued the roof and chimeny structure seperatly, so it can be taken off during a game.

Small damaged building

Next up is the damaged terrace house. I have kept the assembly of the upper floor seperate, so it can lift off for use in game. It will also make it easier when I come round to painting it. This will get plenty of rubble around the base of it, and I’ll probably make a ladder to lean up on the ruined floor.

Demolished Terrace House

Lastly, I built the damaged farm house. Again the first floor is seperate from the ground floor. I did cut another door way in the internal wall upstairs to allow access from one room to the other. When I doo the finishing to this building I will also cut a hole in the upstairs floor, and put a staircase in, to show how you get up. I also have all the doors to add as well. A couple of them will be put in the open position, and the others will be damaged in the rubble, with some of the left over shutters as well.

Damaged Farm House

All assembled in a day, and enough to play our first games with. 🙂

Ready to game on

Will hopefully have some pics of my first painted Germans by the end of the weekend.

Starting to make my British Paras Army and why I chose it

I have started making my army the British Paras. The british Paras dropped in behind the enemies on D-Day. So I felt like I would choose them because they don’t have really good tanks and a lot of heavy weapons that could easily destroy armies and tanks. They may be veterans, but the way I use them may be veteran level or rookie level. So back to the building part, we chose not to have any flamethrowers, tanks or artillery  because we are just starting.

Here is my 250 points

  • 1 second lieutenant.
  • 1st squad 1 NCO with submachine gun and 6 infantry with rifle.
  • 2nd squad 1 NCO with rifle and 5 infantry with rifle.